Calendar of Events
Start of calendar events:
8/17/2017 Welcome Walk 5-7:30pm
8/18/2017 Back to School Night/Supply Drop-off 4:00-4:45pm
8/19/2017 Kinder Play Date 10am Olsen Meadows Park
8/19/2017 Campus Clean-Up 8am
8/22/2017 Kinder Parent Meet & Greet 7:45am Library
8/22/2017 1st Day of School
9/11/2017 Feather Our Nest BEGINS
9/11/2017 Open House 5:15-6:15pm
9/11/2017 PTA General Membership Meeting-6:30pm Cafeteria
10/3/2017 Pet Clinic 5-7pm at BCE
End of calendar events.