There are multiple ways to pick up your child after school.  If you need to change your child's mode of transportation, send a not to your child's teacher, click on the icon on the school's website, or call the front office by 2:00pm.
Kindergarten students will not be dismissed without someone to pick them up.  If you are late, your child will be waiting for you in the front office.
Bus Riders and Day Car Vans: Students are escorted by a teacher from their classroom to their designated area and are supervised by staff until picked up.
Car Riders: As you enter the front driveway on Great Oaks Drive, a staff member will radio your child's number to a receiver staff member.  Have your child's number card clearly visible on your windshield to expedite the process.  (Number cards available in the front office).  Pull to the furthest point in the line.  Your child will be escorted to the car by school staff and safety patrol students.
Front Walkers:   Front walkers exit the front of the building directly from the right wing area facing the school on Great Oaks Drive and walk or ride their bikes home from there.  If you will be meeting your child, be there by 2:50pm.
Back Walkers:   Students are dismissed from their classrooms to proceed to the back of the building onto the blacktop.  Parents who drive their back walkers home, park along the west side of Stonebridge Drive or the church parking lot across the street and then meet their children on the blacktop.  If you will be meeting your child, be there by 2:50pm.