How do I make a donation?
You can donate online through the BCE PTA Store. Or you can print a Direct Donation Form and send it to school with your student
How much is an appropriate donation amount?
The PTA spends over $100 per student each year. Every family should determine the level of contribution that is more appropriate for their situation. Every bit helps!
Can I donate more than once?
Yes! The Feather Our Nest program is open year round
What is a company matching program?
Many employers in our area match funds donated to Non-profit Organizations (such as PTAs) by their employees. Employer matching is a significant factor in the success of our program
Who should I contact to find out if my company participates in matching programs?
Start with your HR Department. If they don't facilitate this process, they can tell you who can. The Feather Our Nest team can assist you with this process if you'd like
Can we ask friends and family to donate?
YES! Friends, neighbors, family - anyone willing to support BCE community can participate in the donation drive
Will we have other fundraisers?
Yes, we will have other events such as the Apex Fun Run, Pet Clinics, Carnival/Silent Auction, T-shirt sales and Restaurant Nights.
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