PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a group of parents, teachers, administrators and other concerned adults that talk about ways to support quality education, support community involvement, and work for a healthy environment & safe neighborhoods.

Who can join the BCE PTA? Anyone! Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Neighbors, Business Leaders and Community Members, who believes and supports the Mission and Purpose of the PTA

I will not be able to volunteer, why should I join? Joining doesn’t compel you for your time commitment. There is no better way to know what’s happening in your school. You will also have the opportunity to have some influence over how money from fundraising is spent to benefit BCE and show your child you are involved in their education. You can also enjoy some GREAT SAVINGS.

How is PTA money utilized? Your membership fee of $7.50 includes National PTA membership ($2.25) and Texas PTA membership ($2.25). The remaining $3.00 stays at BCE PTA which helps to support technology upgrades and purchases, books, field trips, student enrichment programs, events, and so much more.

Ready to Join BCE PTA? Send in your One Stop Shop form with your cash or check in an envelope labeled BCE PTA or pay by credit card online on the PTA website under the Store tab! Thank you for doing your part to help us reach our goals for BCE PTA and for showing your support for all the students at BCE!