International Children’s Day (ICD) is actually a full week of celebrations where all the students get to learn about different world cultures and the way children around the world live!

The week begins with an assembly at the cafeteria where students get to see different performances from around the world.  K-2 will attend 8:00-8:45, and 3-5 will attend 9:00-9:45. Parents are welcome to attend as we have some exciting new performances for everyone!

On Friday, the day starts with a parade at 8am lead by our Principal where all the children who want to participate can dress up in the traditional dress of any country they like and parade around the school.

After the parade the festival is held in the cafeteria where the students get to learn about 10 different countries.  Students will have a multi sensorial experience in each country, doing a craft or playing a game and tasting small bites of food and drink from all around the world.