In order to make this day extra special for the children, most booths make a native food from their country.

We are aware that some children might be allergic to some of the ingredients. So each booth will display the list of ingredients they used.  Every known allergy in the school is highlighted on these lists.  There will be NO NUTS of any kind at the event.

If your child has a food allergy, here are some options to help keep your child safe:

1)   You can put a sticker on his/her shirt that includes all the foods he/she is allergic to.  This helps the volunteers know whether or not to give the food from that booth to your child. BCE teachers are not allowed to put any allergy warning stickers on any student, so please make sure to put them on at home. 

2)  Using the list of foods and ingredients on this website, talk to your children about which countries they can and cannot eat at and give your child a sticker or card that includes all of the country's your child may or may not eat/drink at. This same information will be available at each booth. 

3)  All parents are welcome to attend the event!