• Math superstars is a year-long OPTIONAL MATH ENRICHMENT PROGRAM for all grades at Brushy Creek Elementary.  It is designed to encourage students to improve math skills and work above grade level.
  • The program runs for 25 weeks for grades 1st-5th and begins the week of SEPTEMBER 24, 2018.  Math Superstars for Kindergarten begins the first week in FEBRUARY and is a 10 week program.
  • INCENTIVES are provided for each student that participates in this program as they turn in worksheets. Students will get incentives based on the number of worksheets turned in. Incentives include coupons to various restaurants and food places as well as items such as pencils, erasers, etc. Point totals will be accumulated throughout the year and point totals will be used to determine End of Year awards. End of Year awards will be determined by student point totals AND on the number of students who participate in each grade level. Therefore, the number of end of year awards given may vary per grade level based on participation numbers.   
  • Volunteers collect and score weekly worksheets, distribute incentives and return worksheets to students, and place total score stars for participating students on the math superstars bulletin board in the main hallway at the school.
  • Worksheets are to be turned in on the dates specified under each grade level.  Your student may turn the worksheet in during the week designated or late.  It is also ok to turn worksheets in early, but they will not be graded and returned until their actual due date. There is NO penalty for turning worksheets in early or late. Worksheets are turned into the student's teacher for collection. 
  • ALL Worksheets are posted online on the PTA website. Click on the student's grade level on the left hand side of the math superstars homepage to download and print the worksheets.  If you are not able to print worksheets at home please email the math superstars chairs at bceptamathsuperstars@gmail.com 
  • There is No Official Sign-up for the program. You simply print the worksheets at home, have your student complete them and send the completed worksheets back to school to your child's teacher. Teachers turn them into a designated place where PTA volunteer graders can retrieve them. 
  • Questions about the program please email PTA Math Superstars Chair
  • The math superstars program concludes at the end of April and ALL WORKSHEETS MUST BE TURNED in by TUESDAY, APRIL 30th!